Dorottya Németh

It is our goal to offer you a complete, unforgettable experience with as little hassle as possible!

Dorottya NémethHostess

If you’re looking for a thrilling, creative and atypical company outing, Escape Room Nederland in Bunschoten is the right place to be! We are very accessible: centrally located in het heart of The Netherlands and right next to the A1 freeway. Parking is free. Not only do we have unique 2.0 escape room experiences, we also have a lounge with a large number of games, such as; pool, air hockey, darts, shuffleboard, twister, several retro game consoles, etc.

Everyone can enjoy a nice drink or a snack at the famous self-service bar. We also offer various lunch and dinner arrangements and/or can we can recommend several bars and restaurants we have made special deals with in the vicinity.

  • De #1

    #1 Escape Room in The Netherlands

  • Ease

    Drinks are billed on an account

  • Engagement

    Our dedicated team will make your outing hassle-free and unforgettable

  • 2.0

    High-end escape room 2.0 experiences

  • Review

    Unique possibility to watch recordings of your escape (attempt)

  • Accessible

    Centrally situated next to the A1 freeway (Amersfoort)

  • P

    Free parking

  • Food/drinks

    Various lunch/dinner packages

  • Lounge

    Lounge with a number of games, for example; pool, darts, foosball, air hockey, game consoles, etc.

  • Self service

    Self-service bar with virtually every imaginable drink

  • Analysis

    Short analysis of the cooperation! (optional)